ROM PE Extended Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred – ROM PE Extended Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred – ROM PE Extended merupakan rom yang di kembangkan dari rom yang berbasis Pixel Experience dengan android 9.0 Pie.

ROM ini menawarkan fitur yang lebih banyak jikaa dibandingkan dengan ROM Pixel Experience, buat yang menyukai ROM dengan fitur yang banyak kamu bisa mencoba ROM ini.

Tetapi buat yang lebih suka dengan ROM simpel, seperti nya ROM Pixel Experience merupakan pilihan yang tepat.

Note. Semua resiko akibat mengikuti tutorial ini menjadi tanggung jawab kamu masing-masing. status NOT TESTED BY ME.

Fitur yang berfungsi

Mobile data
Fingerprint reader
Sound / vibration

Fitur yang tidak berfungsi

Belum ditemukan

Full fitur ROM PE Extended

Fitur ROM PE Extended:
Settings -> Personalization 

--> Status Bar
*StatusBar items
*Double tap to sleep
*StatusBar Clock Customization (AM/PM ,show seconds,Date style etc)
*Battery Icon Styles and Percentages Cusotmization (Circle , Dotted circle , Big Circle, Big Dotted Circle , Portrait etc)
*BatteryBar customizations
*CarrierLabel Customizations
*Network Traffic Indicator Customization
*StatusBar logo customizations
*4g for LTE
*Show/hide data disabled icon

--> LockScreen
*LockScreen charging information
*Fingerprint authentication vibration
*Auto Face Unlock
*Clock font options (37 fonts to choose from0
*LockScreen shortcuts
*Double tap to sleep
*LockScreen Visualizer
*Visualizer Color
*LockScreen Media Art toggle
*Fingerprint unlock after reboot
*Scramble Pin Layout
*Hide statusbar
*Disable Power Menu

-->More Lock Screen stuff
*Show Weather on Lockscreen

-->Power Menu
*Advanced Restart
*On-The-Go mode

*Disable Hardware keys
*Hardware key remapping
*Play Back control when screen is off
*Volume Key Cursor Control

-->Stock Recents
*ClearAll button
*ClearAll location
*Memory Bar
*Immersive recents
*Show clock while immersive
*Show date while immersive

-->Navigation Bar
*Hide navigation bar
*Navbar Buttons + Swap Back and home

*Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
*Double tap to sleep on statusbar
*OnePlus navigation gestures (only work when navbar is off)
*3 finger swipe to screen shot
*Screen off power button torch
*Screen off power button torch timeout

*Screen Off Animation
*QS Animation Style
*QS Animation Speed
*QS Animation Interpolator
*ListView animation
*ListView interpolator

*Heads Up Enable/Disable
*Time Out customization
*Snooze Timer
*Heads Up Stoplist
*Heads Up blacklist

--> Quick Settings
*QS Columns (Available in the edit option in the QS Panel)
*QS Rows (Available in the edit option in the QS Panel)
*Hide the QS Titles (Available in the edit option in the QS Panel)
*QS Brightness slider visibility and position
*QS Tiles Titles visibility
*QS Animation customization

Settings + Misc
--App Ops

-- Alarm Blocker
--WakeLock Blocker

Compose your own theme
Plenty of accents and primary colors to choose from
With Notification Theming

*Weather Service
*Condition Icon Pack

Fixed all NPE'S and small fixes 
Derp Kernel Inbuilt
MiUi camera inbuilt
Added many extra QS tiles
Many more under the hood tweaks

Changelog ROM PE Extended September 13 2018

  • – Fixed all statusbar clock issues
  • – Fixed statusbar battery icon not updating
  • – Fixed statusbar padding issues
  • – Fixed QS padding issues
  • – Fixed App Battery Stats in Battery Settings
  • – Fixed two network traffic indicators
  • – Fixed the large distance between battery icon and Data icon
  • – Fixed all lockscreen clock fonts
  • – Switched to Official PE trees so data fluctation and stuff should be fixed
  • – Updated To latest PE sources
  • – Added PickUp ambient , handwave ambient etc
  • – Some ambient display fixes
  • – Updated Gapps etc and Wellbeing
  • – Added wellbeing QS tile
  • – Added Wakelock Blocker
  • – Added Alarm Blocker
  • – Added QS Animations
  • – Fixed QS transparency seekbar thingy
  • – Many Many more under the hood performance tweaks and fixes.

Changelog ROM PE Extended September 28 2018

  • Send MIUI Cam and Gcam prebuilt (both work together)
  • c2api enabled by default
  • Add back c2api toggle
  • Fix whatsapp , snapchat , instagram camera
  • Fix whatsap video call
  • Fix 4k video recording in gcam
  • Fix call timer not showing up
  • Fix more stuff that i dont remember
  • Add Pixel like lockscreen weather
  • Add clock font size
  • Add clock font colot
  • Add clock font style
  • Add BatteryBar Customizations (color , charging anim , gradient bla bla)
  • Add CarrierLabel Customization (location , color , font style bla bla)
  • Add the ability to hide arrows in network traffic indicator
  • Add Statusbar Logo customization (style , color , position)
  • Add StatusBar weather
  • Allow switching to 4g icon for LTE and vice versa
  • Added the ability to remove x from signal bar
  • Added LockScreen Visualizer
  • Allow changing visualizer color
  • Allow to Hide statusbar on lockscreen
  • Allow to disable power menu on lockscreen
  • Add Stock recents customizations (clear all fab , memory bar , immersive recents etc)
  • Added and fixed Power button torch
  • Added ListView Animation style and interpolator
  • Add 17 New Accents
  • Added oos like switches
  • Added gradient seekbar for dark themes
  • Added toggle for vibrate instead of beep for incall notifications
  • Fixed Many bugs
  • Many under the hood tweaks and improvements
  • Added and Fixed more things that i cannot remember

Changelog ROM PE Extended October 21 2018

  • Fixed networks drops
  • FIxed dual 4g
  • FIxed gcam front cam
  • Derp 3.3
  • Send pixel 3 camera prebuilt
  • October security patch
  • Add ambient play (Pixel’s now playing)
  • P E Upstream
  • Redo statusbar battery implementation , fixes the gap
  • Remove useless power menu stuff
  • Add Extended restart
  • Make roaming indicator optional
  • Allow users to switch between Pie/Oreo recents
  • Allow users to switch between Grid / Android GO style recents
  • Slow down the spinners
  • Add support for multiple displays.
  • SystemUI: Fix crash when taking screenshot in partial screenshot view
  • storage: Set all sdcards to visible
  • Fix notification shows wrong question
  • base: show bluetooth battery status when available
  • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is On
  • base: Lockscreen Date Fonts
  • base: Lockscreen owner font text
  • fix reorder of mobile slots
  • Base: fix facelock crash when lock screen is disabled
  • Rework auto brightness implementation
  • Add buttons beside brightness slider
  • base: allow hiding lockscreen shortcuts on secure lockscreen
  • base: hide indicator text
  • base: hide lock screen icon
  • Add volume up/down tones back
  • Delay blanking of displays to improve performance
  • Add auto brightness icon to Quick Settings
  • Disable Quick Settings on secure lockscreen
  • Add option to disable auto brightness icon in brightness slider
  • Add Quick Settings Pulldown options
  • Return Smart Pulldown
  • Fix Goodix reset
  • FWB: Sensor block per-package
  • Performance / battery / memory improvements
  • More stuff that i dont remember

Download Link ROM PE Extended

Download Build 1 here
Download Build 2 here – 13 September 2018
Download Build 3 here – 28 September 2018
Download Build 4 here – 21 October 2018
Untuk mengecek Update terbaru dari ROM PE Extended bisa langsung ke tread aslinya di XDA melalui Link ini

Cara Flash/Install ROM PE Extended


Instal TWRP yang suport Android Pie

Download ROM PE Extended dari Link diatas

Pindahkan ke Memory Internal atau SD Card

Reboot ke TWRP

Lakukan Full Wipe (wipe cache, dalvik , data dan system)

Instal ROM PE Extended

Instal Lazy Flasher (Disarankan)

Reboot System

Note. ROM PE Extended tidak perlu lagi menggunakan Opengapps karena sudah ada dalam .zip ROM nya.

Credit & Spesial Thank You

Big Thank You too – jhenrique09 ( Pixel Experience )
ezio84 (abc)
maxwen (omni)
mydongistiny (benzo)
deletescape (bae)
xyyx (nitrogen-project)
SKULSHADY (havoc-os)
4perture (for making me laugh)
And everyone I cherry picked from / every one who helped me

About ROM PE Extended

Android OS version: 9.0.0_r6
Security patch level: August 2018
Build author: Simrat Singh
Source code:
ROM Developer: Simrat Singh


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